RGJ 2019 – Serious Games Done Quick


We are back, with the new place and new challenges! Hopefully, you are ready this year in autumn for some serious game making!

We want to make positive games. Games that teach, games that promote a healthy lifestyle and of course games that are fun to play. Games are more than games, they can also be art.

Games will be judged by our partners which we have associated with, so get your pencils sharpened and your brains ready to come up with new, fun and fresh game ideas! Best teams get fabulous prizes and everyone has chance to get valuable feedback and honor!

About the theme

We crabs are a little worried about the future of our world. Can you help us come up with cool ideas to protect something that is valuable to us all? You know, think of all the crabs that live in the world. You know, they’re small and while some crabs can design games, most of the crabs can’t. (Because they’re actually crustacean, unlike few of us)

The theme will be revealed in during the opening of the event with co-operation with our attending partners.

Information about location

RGJ 2019 takes place in Kouvola center in Youth Center NuPa 3rd floor in Kouvolankatu 28 45100 Kouvola.


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