RGJ 2019 – Serious Games Done Quick


We are back, with the new place and new challenges! Hopefully, you are ready this year in autumn for some serious game making!

We want to make positive games. Games that teach, games that promote a healthy lifestyle and of course games that are fun to play. Games are more than games, they can also be art.

Games will be judged by our partners which we have associated with, so get your pencils sharpened and your brains ready to come up with new, fun and fresh game ideas! Best teams get fabulous prizes and everyone has chance to get valuable feedback and honor!

About the theme

We crabs are a little worried about the future of our world. Can you help us come up with cool ideas to protect something that is valuable to us all? You know, think of all the crabs that live in the world. You know, they’re small and while some crabs can design games, most of the crabs can’t. (Because they’re actually crustacean, unlike few of us)

The theme will be revealed in during the opening of the event with co-operation with our attending partners.

Information about location and timetables

RGJ 2019 takes place in Kouvola center in Youth Center NuPa 3rd floor in Kouvolankatu 28 45100 Kouvola. You can stay at the jam site overnight but there is no dedicated sleeping area.

Rapu Game Jam Schedule:


17:00 – 18:00 Registration / Time to install your computers etc.
18:00 – 19:00 Keynote
19:00 – Theme is revealed, after that teaming up if you don’t have a team
RGJ 2019 continues overnight….


15:00 – 17:00 Partner/Mentor sparring
RGJ 2019 continues overnight….


13:00 Game Submits begin
14:00 Games ready – Time to prepare for pitching
14:30 Game pitching and jury’s critiques
15:30 Judging and rating – Cleaning up workspaces
16:30 RGJ 2019 event closure
18:00 *Doors will be closed*


Click here to get your tickets!

After registration, please fill this form below. This is so that we can fulfill your needs better.


Q: Do I have to register in order to join this event?
A: Yes. You can do so by clicking the link under registration on this page.

Q: Do you keep all the game ideas and make profit?
A: No. We and our partners will not make profits from any of the ideas or concepts. If there is a very good idea that we or our partner wants to use as a base, we will have a discussion with original creators and see what we could do about it. Our partner is excited to see what you can bring on the table, hopefully good opportunities for you!

Q: Do we have a theme? What about instructions?
A: Theme and every bit of information will be announced during the opening of game jam event. Our partner will have a show and we will present you with keyword + theme. You are going to get instructions and you can ask questions during the event.

Q: What is a mentor? I don’t need a mentor, I just want to make the game!
A: Mentor and our partners want to see the projects your working on and they share their feedback directly to your team. They want to make sure you are going to win! Take it as an opportunity to grow, don’t withdraw in your shell and be brave.

Q: Can I participate remotely in this competition?
A: Simply said, not possible. We try our best to get you to jamsite without too much of a hassle.

Q: I am not in Kouvola! How the heck do I get in there?!?
A: There are Xamk cars that leaves from campuses around Kouvola and Kotka. and we will try our best to arrange car rides to people who need them. If you can arrange a car pool with your group as well, please do so.

Q: Can I stay overnight? Can I sleep at the jam site? Can I bring my own bed?
A: You can stay overnight at the jamsite. There are no bedding or mattress, but you can jam all night long and take naps wherever you find suitable. You can bring your own mattresses if you want or need.

Q: I don’t know anything about the building. Is there something I need to know?
A: Jams take place in third floor in the building. There are two entrances in the building, the main entrance and the side entrance. Third floor is equipped with kitchen and has plenty of tables and chairs. Everyone can setup their computers anywhere they want on third floor. There are also bathrooms on the third floor. You can leave the jamsite from floor 1, but sometimes, especially during nighttime, the doors are locked, so make sure to inform staff from downstairs to open the door for you, or try to co-operate with your fellow jammers. There is a gaming lan event on floor 1 throughout the weekend as well so there’s always staff available, in case you run into problems. Further instructions will be given on the site if needed.

Q: Can I bring food? Is there anything to eat? Is there coffee? Are there vegan options?
A: You can bring your own food and snacks on the site. There is a small kitchen you can utilize. Kitchen has a fridge, coffee maker and electric kettle. Bring your own mug with you. There are small food / snacks and drinks for free that you can enjoy by exchanging the coupon you get at the registration table at the jam site. There are vegan options, ie. oat drink for coffee and there are vegan and vegetarian options.

Q: What about the network? Do I have to bring my own hotspot?
A: There is working internet on the site, you should be safe if you take a network cable with you. Wireless option available. More information about cables and so on later section. You can use your own hotspot if you want.

Q: Can I bring my own computer? Are there any devices on jamsite? What about cables?
A: It is advised that you bring your own computer or laptop, as well as cables (network cable, necessary power cables and extension cord etc.) We try to get devices for people that are unable to use their own devices and extra cords. If you are able, try to ask from your school or teachers for any spare laptops that you could use during the weekend.

Q: Do I have to participate in the competition?
A: In short, yes. If you don’t want to participate but still want to make the game, just don’t submit the game, but it is still highly recommended that you enter the competition, since we have good worthwhile prices for the winners.

Q: What do I win? Bottle of water, Xamk candies…?
A: The winning team wins a custom trophy from the event. Other prices include gift cards + additional prizes from our partner. In addition to other prizes, there is chance for a team to win a free trip to Brains Eden in Cambridge.


Q: Can I make games alone?
A: Yes, but it is advised to work in a team. Think about this as an opportunity to try to work in teams, since teamwork is very important skill to have nowadays.

Q: Is there anything interesting in Kouvola or near the jamsite?
A: There are many places to eat and order food and you can order food to jamsite, but you have to do the pickup as well as ordering. Here’s a quick brief what are near the jamsite, you can check google map for detailed locations.

S-Market Kauppakeskus Hansa
K-Market Kauppakeskus Valtari (Nearest to jamsite)
Sale (Furthest)

Chinese Restauraunt Lius
American Diner Three Wings
Kotipizza (Kauppakeskus Valtari)

If you have ResQ Club application, you can sometimes find cheap food nearby through app

Q: What if I still need to ask something?
A: You can always ask more questions from the event organizers miikka-petteri.lesonen@xamk.fi or teemu.jarvisalo@xamk.fi or directly from Teams.

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